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A New Wall Mural at our Chicago Real Estate Brokerage

Posted by Jenny Maraccini on August 31, 2020

Uptown, Chicago Art Weekend

Earlier this month, IRPINO Real Estate was proud to be a sponsor of the first ever Uptown Chicago Art Weekend held by Uptown United right here in our own neighborhood.

The free event featured over 100 pieces of public art all over our neighborhood of Uptown, Chicago including live painting of murals, art exhibits and interactive art. It was an incredible weekend of exploring the neighborhood (with masks and social distancing of course!) and taking in the incredible art.

A New Mural at Our Chicago Brokerage

We were lucky enough to have one of these new murals painted on the side of the building where our Uptown, Chicago Real Estate Brokerage resides: 4234 N. Broadway, Chicago, Il 606013. We were paired with the incredibly talented artist Bojana Illic or BOJITT as she is best known. Throughout the weekend you could find BOJITT on a lift in our parking lot painting this colorful and powerful masterpiece.

chicago public art at irpino chicago real estate

Out of Many, One

The mural is titled “OUT OF MANY, ONE / E PLURIBUS UNUM,” and is the first in a series BOJITT is planning in the city.

Here is a description from BOJITT herself of the meaning behind the mural:

“Out Of Many, One – As a motto, the ideal of unity that should be deeply woven into the social fabric of any nation. We live in one of the most diverse countries on Earth. To make a better future for our children we should cherish, empower and support that diversity and take advantage of it to become strong as ONE, and create a racial unity.

I want to inspire communities to come as ONE, to be positive, to accept and empower one another, and to give more LOVE – because this is the way to change the world, by becoming ONE. My mission is to paint murals in various communities around Chicago and the US and than world wide-and spread a positive message and empower for the better future.” – BOJITT

chicago public art at irpino chicago real estate

And here’s more information on the artist:

Bojana Ilic – BOJITT is a Serbian-born and raised, Chicago based abstract artist with a degree in clothing and textile design. After a successful 10-year career in the fashion industry in Europe, Bojana moved to the United States where she lives now with her son. Her art can be seen in commercial spaces, restaurants, and private collections throughout Chicago and the U.S. as well as internationally. Bojitt also regularly performs her art for fundraisers and other events. True collaboration and honest expression are BOJITT’s strongest assets. Her success stems from her extensive experience and ability to bring ideas to fruition in a unique and professional manner. bojittart.com | @bojanailic_bojitt (Instagram)

chicago public art at irpino chicago real estate

Thank you to Uptown United and BOJITT for making this happen! Please walk by our Brokerage to see this masterpiece for yourself and make sure to say Hello! while you do.

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