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Chicagoland Home Selling Tips

We Are Chicagoland Realtors Who Are People People, So Service Comes Naturally to Us

You know that buying or selling a home can be time consuming, complicated, and stressful. But you’ve never had the pleasure of having IRPINO Real Estate work for you. We put our heart and soul, as well as a little humor, into the process.

Our service begins with our first consultation and continues long after the sale. Because we’re one of Chicago’s best boutique realty companies, we can be selective, focused, and totally dedicated to your goal, whether you’re looking to buy that golden estate on the North Shore or you want to sell your Gold Coast condo.

And because we’re builders, too, we know everything about building, financing, inspecting, buying, and selling Chicagoland condos and homes. We’re the only experts you will need. Whether you are buying, selling, or leasing, we will cover all the details:

Research and Evaluation

We thoroughly research each property in our portfolio, and our knowledge of Chicago real estate makes us confident in the accuracy of our evaluations.


Because we’re people people, we have a special talent for connecting people. We’ll manage your listing and keep you informed all along the way.

Building Inspection

Few realtors are also builders, so we will give you an honest assessment of every building in your folder.

Financing and Permits

We can recommend financing if you need it and guide you through any remodeling or renovations you may want to make.

Negotiation and Closings

By the time closing comes around, we’re so prepared that popping champagne is usually the only drama. We will proudly negotiate all transactions on your behalf.

Buying or Selling Your Dream Home in Chicagoland with the IRPINO Difference

Buying or selling a home is a huge endeavor, and you need to work with someone who cares about your experience and outcome. Unfortunately, some realtors are focused on making a commission off of you.

IRPINO Real Estate doesn’t see it that way.

The IRPINO difference means you come first. Our number one priority is finding the house or condo that perfectly meets your dreams. Our friendly and professional agents make house hunting fun.

Contact us today to get a free home value analysis.

Selling Tips

Know the Local Conditions

Your realtor will be a great resource for this, but it’s important to do your own research as well. National housing trends are often reported in the media, but the conditions in your local market affect your home’s value far more than national trends. Look at past sales in your neighborhood of properties comparable to yours. Real estate value is often tied to local employment conditions. Understanding all these factors plays an important role in selling your home successfully.

Price it Right at the Start

While you may be tempted to set your initial price offering higher, you could end up getting less than market value in the long run. Asking more than market value is counterproductive and often means your house will languish while buyers scoop up better bargains elsewhere and your house sits on the market. And homes that sit on the market for a long time are a big turn-off to buyers. They assume there’s something wrong with it. You will have to reduce your over-optimistic price over time, which can create a snowball effect, leading to even more price reductions. It’s far better to ask what the market can provide, and no more, in the hope of not getting less overall.

Presentation is Everything

Complete as many home repairs as your budget allows ahead of time. Consider small upgrades like fixtures and appliances. Get rid of those crazy paint colors. Declutter and depersonalize. Buyers want to be able to picture themselves living in your home. They can’t do that with your family photos and mementos in plain sight. If you’re living in a single-family home, make sure you improve the curb appeal as well. Power-washing the driveway and adding some nice gardening touches can go a long way. If you’ve already moved out, consider a professional staged presentation. Professional staging uses rented furnishings and decorations to make your empty house look like a model home. And it works—many experts claim that staged presentations of homes leads to quicker and more satisfying sales than presenting empty houses to prospective buyers.

Make Your Home Accessible

In order for your agent to sell your home, people need to be able to see it. Sometimes showings get scheduled on very short notice. Be flexible with your schedule and be ready to step out on short notice so a potential buyer can walk-through. This also means keeping your home in showing condition at all times.

Get a Good Agent

When it comes to learning the local market and pricing your home – having a great real estate agent is critical. Find someone who knows the local market well, and can be an asset when it comes to setting the price. Check out their past listings to gauge their experience with the area and comparable homes. Be sure to inquire about their marketing approach. Will they host open houses? Will your home be posted on all major real estate outlets? Do they utilize social media?

Because of today’s uncertain real estate marketplace, knowledge and attention to detail is more important than ever before. But selling your house doesn’t have to be a nightmare. You need the advice and guidance of a focused and tuned-in real estate firm. And that is the IRPINO difference. Our service-oriented approach can mean the difference between a bad experience and a satisfying one.

Contact us today to see how IRPINO Real Estate can get the best possible price for your home.

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