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Chicagoland Home Buying Tips

Moving in Chicago? Is This the Right Time to Buy a House? Let Chicagoland Realtors IRPINO Real Estate Be Your Guide

The real estate crunch is all over the news of late, and many people wonder if buying a home is right for them. When all things are considered, now is one of the best buyers’ markets for real estate ever, with more quality homes for sale in Chicago at significantly reduced prices.

IRPINO Real Estate specializes in helping you buy the best real estate Chicagoland has to offer, including single-family homes, condominiums, and townhomes in Chicago. North Side, South Side, or suburbs, we know Chicago and real estate and how to make magic happen. That’s the IRPINO difference!

Whether you’re looking for a Gold Coast Chicago condo, a classic Chicago bungalow, or a post-modern dream house in the suburbs, IRPINO Real Estate’s unique approach to realty in Chicago has people talking.

Why Buying Realty in Chicago with IRPINO Real Estate Is a Great Choice

Whether you’re relocating to Chicagoland or are moving to a new neighborhood, you need a real estate firm that understands the pulse of the metropolis. IRPINO Real Estate is hooked up to the lifeblood of Chicago like only a boutique real estate firm can be.

IRPINO Real Estate’s one-on-one service is the difference: We lavish you with personalized attention like only a boutique real estate firm can do. We give you all the space you need to find the perfect space, with no pressure to make a decision until you feel you’re ready. We can even help you find financing.

We have a knack for finding the perfect deal for our valued clients. Talk to us about buying realty in Chicago today! Find out how our personalized service can make finding your dream home easy and fun.

Buying Tips

Know Your Credit Score

Checking your credit score should be one of the first steps in your home-buying process. Knowing your credit score ahead of time, and addressing any issues early-on in the process, will only put you in a better position when it comes time to close. Your credit score is a big factor in whether you are approved for a mortgage loan, and it can affect the loan terms and interest rates. It’s important to know this going into the home-buying process. You wouldn’t want to find your dream home and not have the financing in order.

Property Types – Know Your Options

Single-family home, condo, townhome, new construction, fixer-upper. The possibilities are endless. Research your options and determine what’s best for you before diving into your search. Maybe you are willing to give up the space a single-family home provides for the amenities of a condo building. Or maybe you are looking to start a family and want a home with a large backyard. Determining which property type is right for your lifestyle and your family will help you narrow down the available options and keep your home search focused.

When it Comes to Neighborhoods, Do Your Research

There’s many things to consider when choosing the right neighborhood for you. Find a neighborhood that can provide a great quality of life in terms of walkability, public transit options, shopping and restaurants in the area. But there’s more to it than that. It’s important to educate yourself on the conditions of the local market and think about resale value in the future. Things like the schools and hospitals in the area can affect your property value – do your research and make sure you’re investing in the right neighborhood.

Be Prepared to Compromise

Have your wish-list for your home search, but make sure you are being realistic. There’s no such thing as the perfect home, but you can find the perfect home for you. Prioritize your wish-list and view every property with an open mind. Don’t get hung up on small details like paint color or carpeting – those are easy cosmetic changes. It’s important to see the potential in each property, and maybe set aside a budget for home renovations ahead of time.

Get a Good Agent

Buying a home – especially for first-time home buyers – can be an overwhelming process. It’s important to find an agent who can educate you throughout the process and help you understand how it works. If you already know where you want to live, choose someone who has a proven track record in that area. Ask for references. Meet them in person – don’t rely on texting and emails. You want to work with someone you genuinely like and trust.

The IRPINO difference means we give you the most personalized and complete service in Chicagoland. We offer legal and credit advice and guidance, home inspections and title searches, and a vast network of professional connections throughout Chicagoland. We’re concerned only about your long-term satisfaction, not our commissions.

Contact us today to see how we can help you navigate the home-buying process.

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