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Month: September 2019

What Buyers Need to Know About HOAs

When searching for a home, you may end up selecting a property in a community with a Homeowners Association (HOA). Before you buy, it’s important to know how an HOA works and what they mean for you. According to a recent article on realtor.com, “In a nutshell, an HOA helps ensure that your community looks its... More

Local Business Spotlight: Michael’s Original Pizzeria and Tavern in Chicago

IRPINO Real Estate Presents our Local Business Spotlight series featuring local businesses in Chicago’s Uptown and Buena Park neighborhoods. In September we visited Michael’s Original Pizzeria and Tavern (4091 N. Broadway), right down the street from our Chicago Brokerage. We sat down over a hot, delicious pizza with one of the owners, Nick Georgelos who is not... More

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