IRPINO Real Estate’s 2019 Annual Report: State of the Chicagoland Market

Posted by Dominic Irpino on February 25, 2020

We are so excited to provide you with something of significant value — our 2019 Annual Report for the Chicago Real Estate Market.

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We are big believers at our Chicago Real Estate Brokerage in something called CANI

Living by that motto, we are always looking to provide more value every day and every year to our amazing clients, so we wanted to provide you with this summary of the state of the Chicagoland Market.

Our Best Year Yet

2019 was the best year ever for our Chicago Real Estate Agency and we have YOU to thank for that. So whether you hired us to help you with your Real Estate transactions and needs, or referred us to someone that you know, THANK YOU so much.

2020 Real Estate Market

2020 is actually off to a pretty good start! 2019 was a bit softer than 2018, but still strong. However, we are really excited about what’s to come this year! With the interest rates still low, and expected to stay low, we are thinking 2020 could possibly be better than 2019. So stay tuned! We will keep providing you with more information as we move into the Spring Chicago Real Estate Market.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to call or email us any time. We are always here for YOU.

Dominic Irpino
IRPINO Real Estate

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